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Started in 2015, Felted Wool Designs grew from our love of sheep and their wonderful, versatile wool. I began needle-felting wool from our Suffolk sheep after watching someone needle-felt about ten years prior. Starting as a hobby, I began making needle-felted snowmen for Christmas gifts in 2014. It has been suggested that I have “found my calling” as an artist of wool paintings, 3-D wool sculptures and fiber jewelry. Husband Rick joined me in felting by creating designer, wool dryer-balls and Felted Wool Designs was born.

Our Story

Our Specialty

Specializing in creating wool, art paintings and 3-D sculptures for the home and the collector, a large assortment of holiday gifts and decorations, fiber jewelry and dryer balls to reduce your laundry expenses doesn’t keep us busy enough. We have just recently added felted soap to the products we create. Attention to detail is given to each item that is hand-made and many are one of kind pieces. Our products are eco-friendly. Wool is washed in all-natural soap and no chemicals are used in the process. We use only 100% natural scented soaps in creating our felted wool soap products promoting better health.

Judy and yearling ewe
2007 Lambs 010

"We love working together with the wool and creating items to please others!"
-Judy and Rick Wilson